EIDHS at EarthX Climate Adaptation Conference

Earth Day, Saturday, April 22, 2023 at 10:00 AM CDT
Dallas, Texas, USA

FHI 360’s Emerging Infectious Diseases and Health Security (EIDHS) division director Janet Robinson will join EarthX’s Climate Adaptation Conference to share insight into how climate change is compounding the spread of antimicrobial resistant bacteria and infectious diseases. Join us in Dallas, Texas on April 22, 2023 for further conversation on how warming temperatures and extreme weather events, like flooding and drought, enable new environments and increase high risk areas that can encourage the spread of infectious diseases and help bacteria to develop resistance to antimicrobial medicines, making these diseases harder to treat. On this Earth Day, it is critical that we continue to find ways to combat how climate change is giving rise to this prominent challenge that endangers global health.

Panel Discussion:  Impacts of Climate Change on Health

Janet Robinson, FIBS, Director, Emerging Infectious Diseases and Health Security, Infectious Diseases Department, Global Health and Population, FHI 360
Presentation: “How Climate Change and Ecosystem Disruption is Increasing the Spread of Antimicrobial Resistant Superbugs and Infectious Diseases” 

Pat Breysee, Professor Emeritus, Johns Hopkins University, former Director of the CDC National Center for Environmental Health
Presentation: “Climate and Your Health” 

Garry Jacobs, President and CEO, World Academy of Art & Science; Executive Chair, HS4A Campaign
Presentation: “Human Security approach to Global Health and Climate Adaption”

Moderator: Mitch Wolfe, MD MPH, Chief Strategy Officer, Wolfe Global  

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