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Robust Supply Chain Systems: The Backbone for Quality Laboratory Services and Health Care

Laboratory services are an often under-recognized, yet vital component of any health care system. Though the impact of these services goes unseen for the vast majority of patients, it is estimated that about 75% of clinical decisions in general hospital services are guided by laboratory findings [1]. Studies also suggest that laboratory costs account for less than 5% of health system costs but in turn affect the remaining 95% of costs [2]. In simple terms, a proper investment in laboratory service provision is a low-cost way to improve health outcomes many times over.

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IDDS Cambodia DataToCare (DTC)

Cambodia has made tremendous progress in reducing the Tuberculosis (TB) incidence. Though it is still on the global watchlist to monitor regularly, Cambodia is no longer in the top 30 countries with the highest TB burden[1]. Yet according to the Center for...

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