Thought Leadership Symposium 2021

Oct. 12th – Oct. 13th
Virtual Conference

A Changing Landscape: How Pandemic Response Affects Antimicrobial Resistance

Join the Emerging Infectious Diseases and Health Security Division at FHI 360 as it hosts its first annual Thought Leadership Symposium with global experts in infectious diseases and global health security to discuss the emerging consequences of the intersection between COVID-19 and antimicrobial resistance. This symposium aims to provide thought leadership on how increased and inappropriate use of antibiotics during a pandemic can lead to undesirable consequences.

Keynote address by Lord Jim O’Neill; panel featuring Dr. Bradley Langford, Dr. Thuy Doan, Dr. Sabiha Essack, and Dr. Isidore Bonkoungou.

Thank you to all those who participated in our symposium! We would like to acknowledge the contribution of our EIDHS team members who assisted in the facilitation and organization of the event and its proceedings (Janet Robinson, Pat Sadate-Ngatchou, Anicet Dahourou, Amber Sowa, Yasser Sanad, Erin Luben, Salomon Compaore, Anya Luknight, Jessie Grude, Erica Christie, Lindsey Debosik, Kelly Reyna, Thu Trang Dao, Mungai Ngdung’u, Kafui Dzasi, Sarah Laing), as well as Lisa Dulli, Emily Namey, and Sarah Dixon at FHI 360 GHPR. Special thanks to Gretchen Thompson and Rachel Lenzi-Weisbecker at FHI 360 GHPR for their significant contribution in writing the proceedings, as well as Darrell Stevens Jr. and Aziza Mukhamedkhanova at FHI 360 Design Lab for your help in putting the conference proceedings together beautifully and Stevie Daniels at FHI 360 GHPR for copy editing.